What kind of policies are available to me?

Level Term Life Insurance

With a level term life insurance policy, your annual premium remains the same for the term, which may be as long as 10 or 20 years.

The death benefit also remains the same. If the policy is guaranteed renewable, you can extend coverage for an additional term without having to qualify again, though the annual premium will increase because you're older. Although the cost of insurance in the first few years will probably be higher for a level term than an increasing term policy, the total cost of a level term with the same benefit is usually less. As with all term policies, you don't build up a cash reserve and your coverage ends at the end of the term or at any time you stop making payments.

Whole of Life Insurance

Whole-of-life insurance is designed to last as long as you do. A type of life insurance contract that provides for insurance coverage of the contract holder for his/her entire life. Unlike term life insurance, which covers the contract holder until a specified age limit, a traditional whole life policy never runs out. Upon the inevitable death of the contract holder, the insurance payout is made to the contract's beneficiaries. These policies also include an investment component, which accumulates a cash value that the policyholder can withdraw or borrow against.

Life Insurance can be tricky business

  • Don't automatically accept the rate offered by your mortgage lender. To get a mortgage you will usually need life insurance if your children or partner rely on your income to pay the mortgage; however mortgage lenders can offer overinflated prices.
  • We can help calculate how much life insurance you need and factor in your children's school fees, potential university fees, home improvement costs etc.
  • We can help decide if joint life insurance is right for you. It used to be the case that it was significantly cheaper to take out a joint life insurance policy with your partner. However in some cases this is no longer true.
  • We can regularly review your life insurance policy to ensure it remains relevant to your circumstances.
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