Do You Understand Your Current Pension?

  • What charges are you paying?
  • How are the pensions performing?
  • How risky are pension investments?
  • Am I paying an adviser that I no longer need?
  • Will I have enough in my pension at retirement?

    It's easy enough to put your name down for the company pension scheme but it should be regularly reviewed and monitored. How much do you really know about it?

    Perhaps you are thinking of consolidating all your pensions, bringing them together 'under one roof'? Our review service is designed to ensure that the funds held within each pension remain relevant to your current circumstances. We also look at the pension structure itself to check that its charges aren't excessive and that it contains no 'nasty suprises' hidden in the policy wording.

    There are a lot of so-called companies offering pension review services which turn out to be scams, it's best to speak to the professionals - Us.

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